Mona (monack) wrote in twdrabble100,

Drabble 16 Challenge -- Crossover -- TW/ER

Word Count: Exactly 100
Crossover: Third Watch/ER


I didn't wanna come in, but Faith made me. So I was sulkin' when a doctor I didn't know entered. I'd only cut my hand. Jus' needed a band aid an' I'd be straight...

"Dr. Dave," said the man with a wide grin. "At your service. What's your ache, my friend?"

"Who the hell are you?"

"Transferred from County General in Chicago," he mentioned. "Oooh.. nasty one..."

"No need for the commentary," I muttered, as he cleaned the wound.

I shut my eyes, an' I let the doctor do his work. If he hurt me, I was gonna slug him.
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