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*blows dust off group*

Sorry for how dormant this group has been -- I'm going to try to get back on the ball with posting the drabble topics here along with over on


Now that we're back in the "off season", I thought we'd give ourselves something else, on a much smaller scale, to look forward to on Fridays

This week's drabble is courtesy of mab8merlin. She posted this topic, and I thought it would be fun to see if we could use this in a drabble.

You must use the line: "And I thought romance was dead" in the drabble. The characters are your choice. The reasons and setting are also your choice.

Oh yeah -- and don't forget -- 100 words on the dot!

Happy Drabbling!
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It looks like I'm a little late to the party! Is this drabble still open? I think I might give it a shot, although writing under 100 words is a challenge for me. I really like being given a topic. Can I try to drabble?

Go right ahead! :)
I'm not a drabbler by nature. I'm trying only to learn how to be concise. I've always found drabbles to be more introspective, and I'm a dialog girl. I was interested in writing a great drabble, and I worked it all out in my head, and at first go, I was over 200 words. So I had to trim, and I'm sure you can tell from where. But the trimming was fun. I liked getting to exactly 100--never went there before. I hope it doesn't really suck. :)


Sasha watched the scene unfold in disbelief; she saw a woman beating a man with her bag repeatedly, not a man snatching a purse.

Bosco was laughing with another man who was standing nearby. The man was lazily watching and amused, but he did tell Sasha that everything was fine.

"How?" Sasha asked sarcastically.

"Husband says she doesn't want to press charges," Bosco replied.

That was her husband? The woman smiled at Sasha before taking her husband's hand and heading in the opposite direction. "And I thought romance was dead."

"Romance is only seriously wounded." Bosco smirked. "Chivalry is dead."

* * * * *

Oh, that was great.. :D
very nic ework! :)
Thanks, Mona. I think it's the first thing I've finished in months. :)